Our network spans hundreds of neighbourhoods each with their own thriving community of neighbours working together for the greater good. Connect, participate and sponsor the neighbourhoods closest to your business. We have a few ways your business can get involved.

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Neighbourly Journal

The Neighbourly Journal is a premium monthly publication focused around protecting one's self, ones family and the neighbourhood too. The overall focus is of well being within the context of a neighbourhood. The Journal has universal appeal which means the same publication is available through all the countries we operate in.

This online publication is distributed to all neighbourhood groups worldwide on the first of every month. 

Journal options:

  • Two page spread
  • Full page advert
  • Half page advert
  • Third of a page advert

Neighbourhood Newsletters

A Neighbourhood Newsletter either covers a region or a district within a city. Depending on the size of a neighbourhood, there may be instances where we'll have a Newsletter dedicated a particular neighbourhood.

This online publication is distributed every Thursday to neighbourhoods where the service is active. Please contact us for neighbourhoods active in your area as well as distrubution figures.

Advertisng options:

  • Footer advert (two spaces per Newsletter)
  • Advertorial on the front cover
  • Full page advert (back page)
  • Business Card style advert (ten spaces available)



Get involved with your potential clients and existing clients. Show that you care by becoming a neighbourhood or district sponsor. A district is a cluster of a number of neighbourhoods in a specific area of a town or city.

Facebook group options:

  • Pinned post/announcement
  • Scheduled posts

WhatsApp group options:

  • District broadcast
  • Neighbourhood broadcast

Please contact us for the latest figures for your area.


Get involved and make your presence felt in the local community, show that you care and you'll receive a more trusting customer base.

Here are a few ways you can get involved:

  • Neighbourhood Activations and Events
  • Sponsor a Guard (Neighbourly Assist)
  • Neighbourly IGTV interviews
  • Neighbourly Facebook and Instagram Stories

If you have any great idea's, we're happy to listen and possibly partner up.


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