PPA assists SAPS in Taking Down a Wanted Car-Breaker

12:15 | 20/11/2018 | Victoria Road/Pump Station | Car-breaking and Arrest

At a little, just after 12 pm, today SAPS called on the assistance of PPA. A known car breaker was roaming the area. Fortunately, his every move was being monitored.

He had been in the area before, up to nefarious activities including car breaking and a case opened against him so it was just a matter of time before he’d be caught, especially as security and police are working well together.

SAPS updated PPA on the location of suspect who was being pursued near a sports field. It was there that SAPS and PPA apprehended the known car breaker. Credit to the great work by Camps Bay SAPS and PPA.

Please continue to report suspicious activity to the Watch group. If you’d like to be added to your local WhatsApp Watch group, contact Neighbourly on +27 67 009 8723 (South Africa). Please confirm your name and address for verification when you do apply.

For more information on PPA, feel free to visit their website on http://www.ppa247.co.za/

Team Neighbourly

PPA SAPS Suspects Arrest Neighbourly Report 1
PPA SAPS Suspects Arrest Neighbourly Report 2

Image Credits: Dan Grenwis (Cover), PPA