PPA Cleans Up Camps Bay Beach Front with Multiple Arrests

PPA Cleans Up Camps Bay Beach Front with Multiple Arrests

30/11/2018 | Pump Station, Camps Bay | Robbery Suspect Arrested

Constant sharing of intel as well as good communication between Camps Bay Police and Security, especially PPA, have led to several more arrests this week.

The PPA Tactical Team were informed by SAPS to keep an eye out for a known suspect last seen at the Pump Station on the beach front. They responded, only to find a different but known troublemaker being pinned down by the victim of a robbery on the beach. He had also just been assaulted while trying to retrieve his stolen phone from the suspect. PPA immediately assisted and detained the suspect who is now at the Camps Bay Station. Lifeguards assisted with providing medical attention to the victim.

This was not the first suspect arrested by PPA this week. A youngster who had stolen two laptops (on Monday) was found at the pump station (Wednesday) by PPA. They gave chase, arrested and handed him over to SAPS.

We'd like to encourage all to keep reporting crimes and suspicious activities. Together we can make our neighbourhoods happier and safer places.

Team Neighbourly