Missing Pets Project Launched

Our pets great and small are much-loved members of our family and when one goes missing it can be devastating. So we try everything to find them and so do our friends and neighbours. Now the Neighbourly network of Neighbours groups spans 105 neighbourhoods across Cape Town. It consists of hundreds of Facebook and WhatsApp groups. While our greatest focus has always been on safety and security we have decided to turn our attention to the second most talked about topic on our network (besides the recent load shedding).

Missing Pets

There is nothing more often spoken about than that of a missing cat, dog, bird or other pet besides crime on our network. We’ve witnessed several instances where a neighbourhood comes together to find a neighbours dog(s), especially after a housebreaking, sometimes for many hours. There have been hundreds of successful recoveries of pets across the network which is a testimony to the neighbourliness of all on our groups. So we just want to say to all, ‘keep up the great work!’

It’s for this reason we have launched 8 new WhatsApp groups. They are the ‘Pets of’ group series who’s key focus is on the recovery of missing pets in a particular district.

  • Pets of Atlantic Seaboard

  • Pets of Cape Flats

  • Pets of City Bowl

  • Pets of South Peninsular

  • Pets of Southern Suburbs

  • Pets of Northern Suburbs

  • Pets of Helderberg

  • Pets of West Coast

You’ll soon have the group link shared to your ‘Neighbours’ Facebook and WhatsApp group. The link will also be pinned in the WhatsApp Neighbours group description as part of the group description update across the network. If you have not connected to one of our ‘Neighbours’ groups, please message us on info@neighbourly.global with the name the neighbourhood you live in and we’ll send you the link. Alternatively, you can browse the links here.


Who Can Join?

The idea is to make the group available to all neighbours in a particular district. Making the WhatsApp group link available in the description of ‘Neighbours’ group means anyone can join and leave when needed. Some may join for their missing pets and others will join to help out and disseminate info as well as share tips on other topics related to the care of ones pets. This will be discussed below.

Other Topics

The groups are not only for lost and found pets but for everything related to pets from recommended vets through to tips and tricks regarding care and treatment of ones furry and fluffy family members. Please note, no advertising is allowed as is the case on all our other groups unless approved by Neighbourly.

We look forward to partnering with Organisations in the City that already do such a great job in finding lost pets as well as rescuing strays and abused animals. United as neighbours, we can make a difference. Every ounce of help counts!

Team Neighbourly


Image Credits:

  • Cover: Berkeli Alashov

  • Middle: Kareli Lizcano

  • End: Karlijn Prot