Avenue Response December Success - One Bust After Another!

December and the lead up to the shopping and holiday season is always a busy one. And we’re not talking about the kind you may be used to. We’re talking about another part of society that has a very different taste in shopping. It is a busy time for security, police, law enforcement and neighbourhood patrollers with the criminals on their shopping season. Many of you may be clients of Avenue Response. Here is a small snippet of what success has been achieved by the team that keeps a close eye on the Atlantic Seaboard. If you are new to the area or have been in hibernation and would like to know more about the eminent Armed Response company, jump to the end of the article. 

See the gallery which corresponds with the achievements mentioned below:

Photo 1 – ‘We received an alert from one of our sectional title buildings of a suspicious male that was scouting the area in and around Norman Road, Sea Point. The Control Room immediately dispatched two of our reaction vehicles to investigate. After searching the area, the reported male suspect was apprehended after being found on our client's property nearby. The suspect was searched and found to have tools that are commonly used as weapons or utensils for house break-ins. This eventually led to the arrest of the reported suspect after he was handed over to SAPS. We thank our clients for their awareness. The time of the incident was 04h15.’

Photo 2 – ‘We received an alert from our client to our 24h Control Room – the description was a suspicious male walking in Wigtown Road, Green Point. The controller instantly dispatched 2 reaction vehicles who quickly found the male as described by the client. While the 2 Avenue Response RO's kept the suspect at bay, SAPS was contacted for stop and search purposes. Dangerous weapons and traces of narcotics found on the suspect, SAPS took him away for arrest. The time of the incident was 17h38.’

Photo 3 (1) (2) (3) – ‘We received a tip-off of a white vehicle with registration plate CF195-400 wanted for shoplifting in the area. The vehicle was spotted by our reaction team during our standard patrols, then apprehended and detained. SAPS was contacted for the vehicle search and arrest of the suspects after goods were found and recovered from their vehicle. The time of the incident was 22h50.’

Photo 4 – ‘During our routine patrols, one of our reaction officers noticed suspicious activity from two males in Wessels Road, Green Point. They stopped to investigate their suspicion only to find the two suspicious males stealing hubcaps from vehicles. SAPS was contacted which led to their arrest. The time of the incident was 03h00.’

Photo 5 – ‘An open garage was noticed by one of our reaction vehicles during routine nightly patrols. They stopped and searched the area and found one suspect hiding in the garage of what happened to be one of our client's properties. He was removed from the area. The time of the incident was 23h08.’

Photo 6 – ‘This suspect was involved in an attempted break-in. Our client's alarm activated and the quick response from 3 of our Armed Reaction vehicles lead to his arrest at 04h30am.’

Photo 7 (1) (2) – ‘During a Flat Watch inspection (a service provided mainly to apartment blocks) at one of our sectional title clients, a male was found trespassing on the premises. He was removed and handed over to SAPS. The time of the incident was 06h25.’

Photo 8 (1) (2) (3) – ‘our Control Room received a call from a client with the description of a female suspect that had broken into two vehicles in Graham Road and Worcester Road, Sea Point. Three vehicles were dispatched to search the area with the description of the female suspect. A positive identification of the suspect lead to her detainment and SAPS was contacted for her arrest. A laptop recovered from the suspect and handed back to the owner of the vehicle. The time of the incident was 21h33.’ 

Who is Avenue Response?

Avenue Response Team is your only area bound 24h Monitoring and Armed Response company operating successfully since 1991, exclusively in areas along the Atlantic Seaboard and West Coast. All our areas of operation have their own dedicated offices, reaction vehicles, and area managers contactable 24 hours a day. We are a SAIDSA approved Monitoring and Armed Response company, with a state-of-the-art Control room based in Sea Point, as well as an admin office situated in De Waterkant for all your account and admin queries. We also have a centralized shift change office to ensure our clients of the fastest response times possible even during shift change times.

Our policy to remain your reliable and personalized area-bound Response Team - with hands-on management - has proven to be effective and successful, as we have become the most prominent response security company in our areas of operation.

We pride ourselves in building a personalized and trustworthy relationship with all the residents of the area by working closely community initiatives, as well as with the local SAPS and Neighbourhood Watch organizations.  We attend weekly meetings with the authorities discussing all aspects of our area security in an attempt to minimize crime trends.

We stay in 24h radio contact with the SAPS and Neighbourhood Watch, thus providing the quickest possible form of communication to assist in the prevention of crime and protection of all residents.

Being your only area-bound security with dedicated vehicles on patrol in all regions of operation 24/7, we ensure the most efficient response times and professional services to our community.

Did You Know?

Avenue Response has recently become on of Neighbourly’s Neighbourhood Partners.

Avenue Response is connected to the Neighbourly Watch Groups in the Atlantic Seaboard and West Coast.

The Avenue Response Control Room monitors the Watch groups on WhatsApp groups 24/7. This shows their continued commitment to the community.

Keep safe these holidays neighbours. Stay vigilant and report to the Watch groups no matter how minor the suspicious activity is, report it. Rather be safe than sorry. Let's keep an eye out for one another.

Team Neighbourly