City Encourages Capetonians to Remain Water-Wise During the Holidays

City Encourages Capetonians to Remain Water-Wise During the Holidays

The levels of the dams which supply Cape Town declined by 1,2 % over the past week to 68,2 % of storage capacity. This is compared to dam levels of 33,1% at the same time last year.

The average water consumption increased by 46 million litres per day to 587 million litres per day for the past week, which is well within the Level 3 usage range of 650 million litres of collective usage per day. Level 3 recovery restrictions give some relief to residents and business, while advocating for continued water-wise usage as it is difficult to predict the rainfall that Cape Town will receive in 2019 and 2020.

We encourage residents to stay the course over this festive season and to be wise with their water usage over the holidays. It is important that we all remain mindful of how far we have come since January 2018.

Please see the following links for information on:

·       Level 3 restriction guidelines:

·       Level 3 water and sanitation tariffs:

·       Level 3 overview:

·       Level 3 FAQs:

Please note that this will be the last water dashboard advisory for 2018. We will resume the water dashboard advisories from 14 January 2019 with an overview of the average water performance for December.

The above was provided by the City of Cape Town Media Office on 18/12/2018.

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Image Credit: Jacek Dylag