Man Poses as Gardener Nextdoor - Has Getaway Car Nearby

17:30 - 17:45 | 18/19/2018 | Rondebosch and Newlands | Person Using False Identity Tries to Enter Homes

We received the following message from a neighbour on the Rondebosch Watch WhatsApp group: “Neighbours just had a very well dressed guy with a book and pen insistent that he is trimming bushes from the neighbours side but needs to come in to show me .He was very nervous and kept telling me he had an ID to prove himself .Down the road a Toyota Fortuner waiting for him .I told him I can’t let him in at all as must have notification from the owner first .Might be genuine but really sensed an urgency in him wanting to get in .Unfortunately didn’t get the number plate of the car as it sped off .Dressed in jeans and a blue checked shirt .Well spoken but extremely nervous in this endeavour.Car was dark grey”

Not long after sharing to the various surrounding Neighbours WhatsApp groups, a neighbour from Newlands came forward and said they had tried the same thing in her street.

In summary:

  • Person of interest was wearing a blue checked shirt, jeans with a clipboard and pen.

  • Person of interest was insistent in entering the property to trim or show where to trim bushes.

  • The getaway vehicle was parked down the street and was a dark grey Toyota Fortuner.

  • The first attempt occurred on Upper Moss Road, Newlands at 17:30 and the second on Irene Road, Rondebosch at 17:45.

  • Check with your neighbours first and do not let anyone in unless by prior arrangement.

Please see our previous article which looked into the recent incidents where people tried to con neighbours into entering their homes.

Beware People Using False Identities To Enter Homes

Please report any suspicious activity to your Watch groups. Our Neighbourhood Partners are watching the groups and so are the Neighbourhood Patrollers.

Team Neighbourly

Image Credit: Grant Durr