Mugging At Paradise Road Robots

18:00 | 23/12/2018 | Paradise and M3 Robots | Mugging | Suspect on the loose

Dozens of families were out and about this evening on the roads and parks around Paradise Park. Unbeknownst to them, a street robbery had just occurred a short while prior. Neighbourhood Patrollers were also out and about as soon as they heard the news. Unfortunately, the news was already an hour old by the time they received the news and it was starting to get dark.

The following was sent to the Newlands Neighbours group at 18: 57: “My in-laws were mugged at Paradise Traffic lights by a male wearing a red blanket . He also had a knife about an hour ago. Please be observant.”

Neighbourly then posted to all the other nearby Watch and Neighbours groups alerting neighbours and security to the incident. This included the various groups in Claremont, Upper Kenilworth and Bishopscourt.

This was followed by further info: “Black [male] . They went for a walk and were approached by the man. He had a knife and also some kind of stick. He had a red blanket wrapped around him. Some people in a 4x4 saw what was happening and he ran across Edinburgh and they couldn’t apprehend him.this happened at about 6pm.”

The neighbour agreed to help his in-laws open a case at Claremont SAPS.

What we do know:

  • This is not the first incident in the vicinity this year. There have been multiple car breaking, housebreakings and so on linked to the guys ‘begging’, not hawking at these Robot’s.

  • The street robber was an African male (no details so far on hair or facial hair) and was wearing a red blanket and carrying a stick.

  • The street robber had a knife.

  • The incident happened at a busy intersection while still light (18:00).

  • Neighbourhood Patrollers are rather certain it’s a known suspect who has been arrested for street robbery in the area before, more specifically Paradise Park.

All residents need to keep an eye out for the suspect. Please report to your Watch group if you spot the suspect. Fidelity ADT and Princeton Control Room’s monitor the groups 24/7 and have been instrumental in catching a good number of criminals in the area in collaboration with Neighbourhood Patrollers. Together we can make our neighbourhoods safer.

Team Neighbourly

Image Credit: Crystal Mah