Car Breaker Nabbed Red Handed in Buitenkant Street

Car Breaker Nabbed Red Handed in Buitenkant Street

04:00 | 09/12/2018 | Buitenkant Street | Car Breaking & Arrest

PPA is the A-Team every neighbourhood (that knows them) want’s in their neighbourhood. They have done it again, not even taking a break while driving through an area they ‘do not monitor’. Have we not heard that before, ‘it’s not my client’ or ‘it’s not my area’ from other security persons.

It was in the early hours of this morning, just after 04:00 hours that one of the Tactical teams made their way to another in order to relive them for refiling. The relief team was en route when they noticed something was amiss on Buitenkant Street. Lo and behold they catch a Mr Bxxxx Mxxxx from Gugulethu red-handed ransacking a blue Honda CR-Z. He may have worn a UCT hoodie but his actions were not a smart move with PPA around. SAPS were called and he was handed over. We cannot tell you the rest of the story. Unfortunately, that’s where it ends.

Remember to support the people and companies that support our neighbours and neighbourhoods. PPA is a Neighbourhood Partner of Neighbourly. They may charge a little more but you’ll get the real deal security wise. Join your neighbourhood patrols or just simply keep an eye out and report all suspicious activity. If you’ve had an incident in your area, let us know at or click here to report an incident.

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