Metro Officers Arrest Highway Stone Throwers and Robbers

City of Cape Town Metro Police officers arrested two suspects following a brazen attack on the R300 over the weekend. The suspects were part of a gang attempting to rob motorists involved in a collision caused by stone throwing. Read more below:

Just before midnight on Saturday 23 February 2019, the Metro Police control room dispatched officers to the R300 between the N2 and Hindle Road following reports of stone throwing.

When officers arrived, they found an accident scene involving two motor vehicles and a gang of about 10 suspects robbing the motorists.

The two officers arrested two suspects aged 18 and 38 and recovered a cellphone belonging to one of the motorists. The rest of the suspects fled.

One of the motorists indicated that he had swerved to avoid stones being thrown and collided with another vehicle. The second driver was transported to hospital for treatment.

The two suspects will face charges of malicious damage to property, robbery and possession of stolen property.

‘This callous attack is symptomatic of an ongoing challenge on our roads. Fortunately, our officers were able to respond quickly and come to the aid of the motorists involved. I hope that the suspects in this case are prosecuted to the full extent of the law so that we can send a strong message that this type of criminality will not be tolerated.

‘It’s also quite important that the media and the public place continuous pressure on the national roads agency and the relevant authorities to ensure proper fencing along the N2 and R300 as enforcement alone will not deal with this problem. Engineering solutions are desperately required to prevent people from accessing the road reserve. SANRAL and the Western Cape Government made commitments to address the fencing shortcomings, but this has yet to materialise,’ said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security, Alderman JP Smith.


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Elsewhere, the Metro Police Department arrested 13 suspects for possession of drugs, theft, assault and drunk driving.

On the roads, the Cape Town Traffic Service arrested 85 suspects and issued 653 fines for various offences.

Of those arrested, 70 were caught driving under the influence; seven had outstanding warrants; seven more were charged with reckless and negligent driving; and one motorist was charged with crimen injuria.

On Sunday afternoon, 24 February 2019, officers attached to the Ghost Squad pulled over a taxi in Green Point Main Road. The driver was transporting 13 passengers. A breathalyzer test found him to be 14 times over the legal limit. Later, it emerged that the driver was also wanted in connection with a murder charge in Mfuleni. He had another outstanding warrant for a previous drunk driving charge.

‘The details of this case leaves one absolutely speechless. The frustrating thing is that we had a similar case not too long ago where a driver was arrested for drunk driving and it emerged that he had been arrested twice before for the same offence. We are often criticized for a lack of enforcement, but cases like these debunk that myth and point rather to other problems, like people not taking responsibility for their actions and a lack of action in the prosecution of offenders,’ added Alderman Smith.

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