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Today Neighbourly is happy to announce the newest Partner in a number new Neighbourhood Partners, that of Princeton Armed Response. Princeton is a well-known name in Harfield Village, Lynfrae, Kenilworth and most recently Rondebosch. They are now expanding their reach into Upper Kenilworth, Upper Claremont and Newlands.

So what does this mean for Neighbourly Members?

As a Neighbourhood Partner, a security company is to add value to the community. Princeton is doing so by connecting their control room to the Watch groups in Newlands, Upper Claremont and Upper Kenilworth. They will monitor for community alerts (by neighbours) and will respond when they can. Obviously, it must be noted that there Response Vehicles give priority to their clients and cannot be expected to respond to every alert.

When all players work together, being neighbours (including neighbourhood patrollers), business, police and law enforcement we can make our neighbourhoods happier and safer places in which to live.

Learn more about Princeton below, who they are and a little more about their history.  

About Princeton

The Princeton Group has over 17 years of experience in providing excellent service to our customers. As our client, we’re committed to providing you with professional and high-quality workforce solutions by staff who is dedicated, motivated and well-trained. Offering a wide scope of security services means the staff we employ are required to meet rigorous employment prerequisites. These include fingerprint clearance, police clearance and on-going security screening throughout their employment.

Additionally, all our security guards are PSIRA-registered and our control room is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our managers are also proactive in visiting areas twice weekly. It is our priority to employ staff who regularly receives updated training and development in order to remain professional, diligent and proactive.

Their History

The Princeton Group was established in February 1999 with the goal of offering South Africans a comprehensive security solution. Our initial success came from the retail industry and, as our reputation began to precede us, we then began to expand to commercial property, hospitals and residential estates. Today, we have experience in retail, commercial, industrial and residential estates and are extremely proud to present a service offering that is more than just a guard in a uniform. The Princeton Group offers a range of services, including specialist divisions that extend to cleaning, landscaping and trolley management.

With passion, commitment and superior training, the Princeton Group is pleased to offer customers on-going security and property management solutions.


Armed Response:

Tel: + 27 21 448 9030


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