Seven Summer Security Tips
  1. Lock all doors and windows before you leave the house. You may feel tempted to leave a window open especially during the summer heat.
  2. Secure open doors and windows. It may be hot but make sure that you can trap or lock them in position. We’ve had plenty of report of neighbours leaving upstairs windows open while relaxing downstairs only to find they had an intruder make off with a few of their household goods.
  3. Set your alarm, even if it means you’ll be ‘out for a few minutes’. It’s happened plenty of times where neighbours after being broken into would say, ‘but I was only out for a few minutes’. Criminals monitor and wait for these gaps.
  4. Find a housesitter. If you go this route when going on vacation (which we feel everyone should do) then make sure to let your neighbours and local patrollers know. We have had neighbours ask their house sitters be added to our network temporarily, which is great.
  5. Ask your neighbour to park in your driveway (when on vacation) and collect mail, flyers or newspapers that may pile up in your letterbox.
  6. Don’t post your vacation on social media. If you do, check your privacy settings on your social media accounts. Do this so you can make sure your posts are going to the people you want them to go to and not to the general public.
  7. Don’t tempt criminals. Summertime means kids are riding bikes and scooters. They may also have a habit of leaving them lying on the lawn. But when they do, they’re extending an invitation to criminals.