Chris da Silva

Women’s Safety on a Night Out

Chris da Silva
Women’s Safety on a Night Out

Stay Safe When Out and About Town

This Article was featured in the December 2017 Edition of the Neighbourly Journal

Going out for a few drinks to catch up with your girlfriends or celebrate a special occasion is a great way to bond and have a good time. Here are a few tips to keep in mind on those nights you decide to take that well-deserved break.

  • When walking from venue to venue, make sure you and your friends walk together. Be that responsible friend and make sure no one is left behind. Organise a meeting point if anyone of you is separated from the rest of the group.
  • If someone tries to grab you, twist your arm up and down and yell, "Stop!" Do anything you can to draw attention to yourself.
  • Be conscious of the clothes you wear. High heels and tight skirts are hard to run and fight in. Scarves and long necklaces are easy to grab. If possible, modify your fashion style or wear comfortable clothing when walking alone. You can always change into dress-up clothes later. Or, think through how you would fight in your dress-up clothes. Would you kick off your high heels or hike your skirt up around your hips to run or kick?
  • Always pour your own drink at a party and bring it with you everywhere, even to the bathroom. This will make it a lot harder for someone to drug you through your drink.
  • Watch the bartender as he or she pours your drink. To be extra safe, drink wine instead of a cocktail. Mixed drinks take longer to make. You could be easily distracted and miss the bartender (who could be working with the predator) or someone else slipping something into your drink.
  • When going out with your girlfriends, decide beforehand that you will stick together. Do not let your friend go off alone with a guy.
  • Don't put your name on your apartment buzzer. If you're expecting guests, just let them know which number to push. This way, only people who know you know exactly where you live.

Walk in well-lit areas and plan an exit route if approached by a stranger.

  • If someone is chasing after you, run away in a zigzag pattern. This will exhaust your attacker.
  • Don't check-in on Facebook when you arrive somewhere. Instead, check in as you leave. This way no one will be able to digitally stalk you and know your every move or when you're not home. Along the same lines, avoid tweeting or Facebooking from vacation, especially if your account is public, as it's a way of letting the world know that your home is unoccupied.
  • Try not to go home by yourself, unless you have a legitimate ride waiting outside for you. Walking home alone can be dangerous at late hours of the night, even if you live just a few blocks away. Have someone you trust to walk with you, or make an agreement to leave together at the same time.

Final words:

We wish you all have a safe holiday. Take and necessary precautions and lookout for one another both friend and neighbour.

Team Neighbourly