Safety when Visiting the Mall or the Office

Safety when Visiting the Mall or the Office

Visiting the Mall or the Office

You may feel a lot more comfortable at a local mall or the office you work in. It is at these so-called safer places that tragedy too does occur. Do not become a statistic, rather take note of the following tips.

  1. Take a peek underneath your car before approaching it in a parking garage or lot especially at night. See if you can spot ‘feet’ as someone may be hiding behind it or any strange object.

  2. If you return to your car and see that a van is parked right next to the driver's side, enter through the passenger side. Predators often use vans and will disguise it as a family car.

  3. When in a parking lot, look at the cars parked on either side of your vehicle. If a male in a vehicle is sitting alone in the seat nearest your car, or if you are parked next to a van, always enter your car from the side opposite the strange vehicle. If the parking lot is particularly dark or deserted, it may be wise to go back and find a friend or guard who can walk you to your car. You are not being paranoid, you’re just being mindful.

  4. If you return to your car and it has a flat tire, back right away. Return to wherever you came from (restaurant, store, etc) and call for help. Once assistance arrives, approach your car. If someone comes up to you (even if they are a woman) and wants to offer help, politely say, "No thank you." If a man, he could be a predator. If a woman, she could be the lurer.

  5. When leaving the mall late at night, ask a security guard to walk you to your car. Do not go up to just any security guard. Go directly to the help desk and ask for them to assign a security officer to escort you. Predators sometimes dress up like men of the law.