Women's Safety: When in a Violent Situation

Women's Safety: When in a Violent Situation

When in a Violent Situation

A situation can change in an instant. If you are faced with a violent situation the most important thing is to react immediately. Be ready to defend yourself and get yourself out of the situation as fast as possible. Put up a fight and never give up or give in.

  • Run as fast as you can

If the predator has a gun but you are not under his control, take off. Experts say the predator will only hit you, a running target, four out of every 100 shots. And even then, it most likely will not be a vital organ.

  • Stay Put

Do not let your attacker take you to an abandoned area. If he does, the likelihood that you will be seriously injured increases. You do not want to get to the second location so do whatever it takes and never give up.

  • Hit the Attacker Where It Hurts Most

The throat, nose, eyes and groin are vulnerable, good places to gouge and kick. But listen to your instincts and try to determine if a counterattack by you is the best approach. If you do decide to fight, make sure your first move is as forceful as possible. It may be your only hope.

  • Try Anything and Everything

Additional approaches are offering your wallet, jumping out at a red robot, doing something to cause an accident, or signalling to other drivers. If you are thrown into the boot of a car kick out the backlights, stick your arm out the hole, and start waving wildly. The driver won't see you but everyone else will.