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team effort


Keeping our neighbours safe is a team effort. It goes beyond just connecting neighbours. Over the past few years we have connected various key players in the area’s in which we operate in. From school’s, places of worship, small and big business through to security companies and local police services.

At this moment we have the following businesses/services/entities connected to our Zone Watch groups:

  • ADT Control Room
  • ADT Tactical Vehicles
  • ADT Armed Response Vehicles
  • ADT Bicycle Patrollers 
  • Sabre Armed Response Vehicles
  • Verifier Control Room
  • Places of Worship
  • Frail Care Facilities
  • Shopping Malls
  • Small Local Businesses
  • Emergency Services and Doctors
  • Local Police Services

We’ve created an ecosystem/network which has benefited those who have embraced this new way of doing business in the neighbourhood. Their clients, our neighbours, too have benefited. Here are a few businesses we work with.This is what they have to say.


Verifier | Mike Voortman | Director

“Neighbourly has filled the gap in effective communication between UCNA and residents in a manner that creates a virtual Crime Watch. Effective communication platforms are critical elements in the fight against crime, and we need these in order to deliver transparent security services” - Mike Voortman - Verifier

Sabre Security | Shannon Serfontein | Owner

“Working with neighbourly is great. We're committed to helping the community with their concerns where we can through Neighbourly's community network. It has benefitted Sabre in a way, in that a lot more of the community have heard about us and has created an opportunity for us to expand our SRT operations within the UCNA borders.” - Shannon Serfontein - Sabre Security

Integrated IP Solutions | Gareth Castle | Owner

“It has been a great privilege for Integrated IP Solutions to collaborate with Neighbourly. Working with Chris da Silva to fulfil the aim of Neighbourly has been an honour, as he is dedicated to ensuring a safe and jovial environment for the neighbours in the Upper Claremont and Upper Kenilworth area. Integrated IP Solutions recommends Neighbourly to the neighbours of the Upper Claremont and Kenilworth area, as they successfully serve their purpose in prioritising the safety of the neighbours.” – Gareth Castle – Integrated IP Solutions