The following are documents designed to assist and guide Communities both off and online. Our Guides include Community Guidelines for how Neighbours need to conduct themselves online through to how to start Community Initiatives and Event's. Ultimately we want to help you and you and your neighbours to work well together.

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Community Guidelines

When it comes to communicating with our Neighbours, guidelines are a good idea especially when words can easily be misinterpreted. Feel free to download a copy below.

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Community Projects

You may want to take a step forward and assist in a project in your neighbourhood or perhaps start one. There are a number of ways to get involved from helping the homeless through to beautifying your local Park. You can make a difference, starting today.

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Neighbourhood Patrols

Safety of your street and neighbourhood should be everyone's concern. Feel free to step forward and get involved. If there is no such program in your neighbourhood feel free to start one with our How-To-Guide. It's never too late start!

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