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"Good communication is the difference"

Great relationships, strong family bonds, amazing companies and empires have as a foundation good communication.

The same can be applied to the areas we live. It's time to make our Neighbourhoods great again!

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Key Features 

  • Secure instant messages between Neighbours.
  • Connect instantly with local law enforcement and security companies.
  • All members are vetted and verified.
  • No advertising or promotions.
  • Private and personal data secured and protected.

Your Home

  • Secure your family and neighbourhood with this invisible shield.
  • Send private and secure instant messages to Neighbours, Local Law Enforcement and Security Personnel.
  • All Neighbours are vetted and verified.
  • Choose one of two membership plans, either the Individual or the Family plan.
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Instantly connect with the Neighbour next door, or on the same city block through private instant messaging. Neighbourly ensures your neighbours are the people they say they are through our vetting and verification process, thereby protecting you and your family from criminals and sex offenders. We value privacy and protection which is why we go to such lengths to protecting yours.


  • This is a private chat group for you and your immediate neighbours.
  • A Block Watch group is limited to the neighbours living on a specific city block or apartment block. Each group has their own Captain who manages communication with the greater neighbourhood area (Known as a Zone).
  • A sophisticated system of message handles ensures the right people are notified timeously.

A micro network that’s secure and intimate.

The Block Watch group means you can have quick access to the neighbours around you whether it be a neighbourhood related matter, chit chat or something a little more serious. The message handle system works similar to many social networks where when a person’s name is mentioned in conversation, they will be notified immediately. This allows for timeous messaging when urgent attention is required. Our handle system allows you to also directly target Local Law Enforcement and Security Services when delivering messages to the group.

Zone Watch

  • A Zone Watch consists of multiple Block Watch groups linked into one another.
  • Here you can stay abreast of local happenings with this great Real-Time News Feed for your neighbourhood.
  • Content is curated and broadcasted by your vetted and verified Captains, Law Enforcement, Security and Intelligence Services.

News that’s real-time and relevant

If you wish to see what is happening beyond your city block, why not visit the Zone Watch group. This is an open and transparent chat and broadcast/alert news feed between group Captains, City Officials, Local Law Enforcement, Security and Intelligence Services/ Companies.

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We look forward to welcoming you!

By signing up today you are showing your commitment to not only a safer neighbourhood but also a safer 'you and your family'.

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