The Service


We saw the need to offer the Neighbourhood Administration and Watch as a private service, one that would be sustainable for many years to come. Our aim is to transform neighbourhoods into happier and safer places in which to live, through technology and innovation.

Services we offer

  • Neighbourhood Administration and Communication

  • Neighbourhood Intelligence

  • Neighbourly Journal

  • Weekly Neighbourhood Newsletters

  • Neighbourhood Crime Reports

  • Neighbourly Assist

  • Neighbourhood Threat Assesments

  • Street Threat Assesments

  • Home Threat Assesments

  • Verified Memberships and Neighbourhood Merchandise

  • Neighbourhood Events and Block Events

*Subject to availability in your neighbourhood.


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The Neighbourhood Administration plays a key role in the day to day admin and running of a neighbourhood, more so than most think. Managing the Neighbourhood Watch function and managing it well is crucial. At this point just about every group out there is managed on a voluntary basis. The neighbours depend on the goodwill and time of these neighbours. The problem is, what happens when these members tire out or move out of the area. Not many are willing to or even know how to take on such a great responsibility.



The need for a solution

We examined the current setup of many Neighbourhood groups and organisations. The work they have done has been invaluable to the neighbourhoods they serve. However, the time and effort these neighbours put into their respective neighbourhoods is not sustainable. With the exception of a handful of neighbourhoods, these groups, committees or organisations fade away after just a couple of years.

We noticed a need to provide neighbourhoods the Neighbourhood Watch and Administration services as a professional serviced, one that would be charged for. When we first explored the concept, we were expecting a negative reaction. Well, what we experienced was quite the opposite. Our solution for the neighbourhood will be ever changing as the environment in which we live is never constant.

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How do I join?

We saw a need to ensure a neighbourhood’s success is sustainable by offering a professional service to not only the neighbours but the neighbourhood as a whole. If you wish to support this movement of great neighbours coming together, then simply do the following. Check availability under the neighbourhoods tab. Verified Membership will soon be available. Keep an eye out on our blog for the latest information. Important updates will also be posted to your neighbourhood group. We look forward to soon welcoming you as an Official new Member!


We're Available in the following Countries

We'll soon announce availability in New Zealand. Watch our Blog for Updates.